mehravand prodect line

Mehravand Company was founded in 1999 to provide polyethylene pipes and fittings. In business for more than 15 years, the company enjoys an experienced and professional team of highly educated engineers and experts. Our products have all been manufactured confirming Iran National standard to the number 14427 and 7607 which is under DIN 8074, DIN 8072 standard of Germany and quality management system (ISO 9001-2008). Aiming to achieve both qualitative and quantitative goals in producing polyethylene pipes along with customer satisfaction, we are honored to release our products with regard to obtaining Grade "A" from new irrigation system "Agriculture Development Organization" and "Iranian Association of Polyethylene Pipe" using highly qualified professionals. .

Mehravand is one of the largest suppliers of polyethylene pipes in Khorasan province in the field of pressurized irrigation and municipal-industrial wastewater networks. The products’ quality has been guaranteed by insurance companies for a period of ten years.