Flat Drip Irrigation Tapes

Aiming to achieve both qualitative and quantitative goals in producing polyethylene pipes along with customer satisfaction, Mehravand is honored to release its new product in the field of flat drip irrigation tapes under “ Queen Drip” commercial brand.

Specifications and Technical Data

tapes spec table
• Various emitter spacing in the range of 10 cm to 120 cm
• Various wall thicknesses in the range of 150mic to 700mic
• Various inside diameters in the range of 16.2mm to 22.2mm

Queen Drip Features

• Based on the Latest EU Technology • High clogging resistance
• Excellent EU & CU (92%-96%)
• Low CV (Coefficient of Variation)
• Excellent Distribution uniformity (DU) over long distances
• Constant emitter discharge rate
• High quality along with competitive price comparing to the imported products


• Excellent uniformity leading to the same discharge rate from the first dripper to the last one
• Improving yields and crop quality
• Product uniformity
• Suitable for non-flat field
• Chemicals materials, UV and High temperature Resistance
• Cost, Energy and Labor Saving


• For agriculture (traditional Linear Crop and Extensive Row Crops)
• For fruits and vegetables production
• Fertilizer distribution for crops irrigated by drip tapes